Your perfect business — what is he?

Let’s try to determine what the perfect business looks like.

1) Ecology.

2) business should be promising

3) business should be variable and not seasoned

4) Business should be understandable and easy to scale.

5) Business of course should be profitable.

And today I want to tell about the profession financial consultant

Let’s go through all the items that I designated.

1) The financial consultant helps any person who wants to build its investment correctly. It helps to start investing and practically leads to the goal. Is it useful? It’s just vital.

2) And what about our prospects? Well, here just space. A year ago, 200 people were addressed to me a month. Today it is 1600 people per month. And according to statistics, this is just 5% of the market capacity. Imagine what will happen when this container will be 100%? Personally, I think that the financial planning market will grow at least twice a year.

3) seasonality. There is no seasonality in this business. In general, it is necessary to invent both in summer and in winter. Cordential? Today I have in the company there are tools that are already available from 100 dollars. So, it means to any person we can offer a product. Today I wrote a post about it.

4) Scalability. It is a straight separate important step. Not all people, but many want to scale their business. And in my company it is very simple to do it. Technologies and processes in the company are arranged so that everyone who likes to build their team and multiple growth from income 100,000 rubles per month of 1 million rubles — it can be done in the team. I will teach and most importantly, I will give work tools for this.

5) Profit. I will say that I «grown» only for 2021 — 5 millionaires. And another 4 months left.

Thanks to everyone who finished up to this point. And now the most important thing, friends.

I want to invite deeply conscious people with big ambitions to my team.

I will spend you all over the way to your goal.

And tomorrow on Thursday at 18:00 I will tell you in detail how and what to do to get to my team.

Who is with me?