You can take part in the Pre-IPO «SPB Exchange»

A unique opportunity appeared in unqualified investors! Now you can take part in the PRE-IPO «SPB Exchange».

What is usually available only to qualified investors has now become possible for nekvalov, thanks to the participation of the «Primary Placement Fund» in the PRE-IPO «SPB Exchange».

SPB Exchange has high potential, the platform shows the supertems of the growth of net profit and has capital, sufficient to ensure development (ATON analyst). Experts noted the potential of the inflow of funds on the stock market — more than 80%, and the fundamental value of the share capital of PJSC «SPb Exchange» is estimated at $ 1.5-3 billion. 🥳

The «primary placement fund» from Frida Finance will receive the maximum allocation and a weighty stake ($$$) during the Pre-IPO.

Always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

And if you have no strategy and you do not know how to correctly act in the stock market?