Where to invest 10,000 rubles? Keep an example and act

I do not know why, but it is just the most frequent amount with which people want to start investment. Let’s talk today, and what options we have.

I want to immediately please if you start from 25 years every month to invest 10,000 rubles. In those funds that we will consider today, then you will have 63 million rubles on your account.

And so, where to invest 10,000 rubles. Let’s start with the fact that the portfolio should consist of 80% of the stock funds and 20% of the bond funds.

And that’s what will suit us:

FXWO — FinEx Global Equity UCITS ETF

and add bond fund to the portfolio

FXRD / FinEx Fallen Angels UCITS ETF

Such a portfolio will give an expected yield of 9% per annum. This is average.

The maximum drawdown of this portfolio is 18%. Not super of course indicators, but we are limited in money, we have only 10,000 rubles.

But this option is 100% better than just to pass this money in sushi. Remember, I said on Tuesday that everyone has his own cancer on the mountain. I would like for all of you he whistled faster)

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