Where to invest 1000 rubles

Today I decided to tell you how to start investing with a minimum amount.

After all, having the opportunity to allocate at least 1000 rubles for investments every month, you can work with different types of investments.

Low-risk instruments

A good option is to purchase securities through an individual investment account (IC).

Here you can start with 1000 rubles. But still, I recommend saving up the amount from 2 to 5 thousand, and investing this money in shares that are included in the MICEX index.

Such tools will allow you to form a financial safety cushion.

Gold and precious metals

Banks allow you to open an impersonal metal account (MMI). With its help, you can buy precious metals in minimal quantities:

Silver. 1 gram is available at a price of 59.8 rubles.

Недавно один из подписчиков написал мне «Хочу выйти на пассивный доход, расскажите что мне лучше всего купить?»

Platinum. 0.1 g. for 246 rubles or more.

You can open an impersonal account, for example, with Sberbank. After the transfer of funds, the bank binds the money to the value of the metal.

Such an investment is a good long-term investment.


Bitcoin is the most popular option. A whole coin is very expensive, but you can invest money in satoshi – one hundred million part of the BTC.

For 1 Satoshi, you will have to pay only 0.316 rubles. That is, having only 1000 rubles, you can buy 32469 Satoshi.

To diversify risks, it is worth investing in crypto assets that do not depend on each other’s exchange rate.

A vivid example of such a tool is Ethereum. This is the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization, which is weakly dependent on the exchange rate of the BTC. For 1000 rubles. you can buy 0.004 ETH.

PAMM accounts

It is difficult to earn steadily on the stock and foreign exchange market without experience. But there are professional traders who allow you to invest money in their trading.

The profitability indicators can be different – from 5 to 35% per month. When choosing a PAMM account, it is better to focus on stability. A more reliable option would be 3-7% per month. Where there are numbers from 15%, there are increased risks.

Even with a 3% profit in USD, 35% will be obtained for the year. This is much more than the banks offer.


Periodically, information about promising projects that need funding appears on the network. The creators of such startups allow you to invest small amounts in their idea. At the start-up stage, such projects are interested in the participation of a large number of ordinary users.

A competent approach in any of the selected options will allow you to earn money. However, you should take into account many nuances, conduct a constant analysis of the market and take part in transactions.

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