What are the prospects of IT sectors: Yandex

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Yandex, after switching on to the MSCI RUSSIA index, still does not show any strong correction or growth. Paper switched to a protracted side

At the moment, the shares already have a fairly high cost and that quotes have shown a further growth of the company should show a successful project, which will increase the cost of the company.

He will definitely be since

Most analysts are confident that some projects will show themselves this year and expect revenue growth in 2021 by 44-51% to the level of 2020.

What are the dangers of Yandex?

The danger causes the fact that Russia cannot agree with the Netherlands on taxation and tax by Russian investors from dividends, when they appear, you will have to pay twice.

The government is trying to solve this issue of taxes, but it is little likely that it will be possible to resolve it by early 22. At the moment, Yandex has no dividend policy, as it is going to grow rapidly and dividends to the company’s plans is not included.

You can expect dividends when or if the company’s growth will slow down. Therefore, the issue with taxes is not so much interested in investors, but still they exhibit caution.

The search engine of Yandex remains a key source of income, but the proportion of new directions is constantly growing. For example, the company plans to buy supermarkets «Alphabet of Taste» to improve the Yandex Ship food delivery service. This purchase will allow Yandex to enter offline segment. What impact it will have on the value of the shares will depend on the parameters of this transaction.

In general, the position of Yandex is sustainable enough and this purchase should not cause any difficulties.

Now there is a division of market share, each company is struggling to take first place in a particular sector: food delivery, financial sector, retail trade, etc.

Therefore, the company plans to invest in many different projects that understand everything will not be successful.

Good reports this year will be facilitated by the growth of yandex stock quotes, in the moment the quotations look stronger than the market. A long-term look at the papers is positive and this year is expected to increase by 10% to 5600 per share.

The graph below shows the leading dynamics of Yandex on the Mosbier index.

Always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

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