Walt Disney demonstrates recovery: Does the company’s financial indicators comply with the current assessment on the market?

The largest company in the entertainment industry was reported on the results of the second quarter. The report was positive, but is the company’s financial indicators of the current assessment in the market?

📝 For the second quarter 2021:

🔹 Sign — 17 billion (+ 45% y / y)

🔹eBitda — 2.7 billion against a loss of 26 million, a year earlier

Little profit — 918 million against a loss of 4.7 billion a year earlier

As we see, relative to the level of the pandemic, the indicators are decently recovered,

The success of Disney + is due to the fact that in 2020 people willingly acquired subscriptions sitting on quarantine

Of the minuses of the business, you can note the blow to the pandemic of entertainment parks, as well as the growth of slaughterism to acquire the studio «21st century Fox». But minus stocks — expensive score. Indeed, the business is good, but it costs it now 318 billion, at a profit in 2019 11 billion, and in the last 12 months 1.1 billion.

Of course, business parks will be restored, and Streaming services will continue growth, however, even if the profit will reach 20 billion in 2024, the price growth potential has already been exhausted. Therefore, from current levels, this business does not look very interesting.

Always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

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