Unit-Linked Investing or Insurance?

The English investment method is called due to its origin. In the 60s of the 20th century, it was English insurance companies for the first time offered their customers to invest in various assets, using a life insurance policy as an investment platform.

This method was very effective and reliable, so quickly gained popularity and began to be applied in other countries. Now the name «Unit-Linked» is often found in the domestic market, which is essentially synonymous.

And yet it is not insurance. You acquire a policy on the accumulative long-term life insurance at the insurance company. But, unlike classic insurance companies, there is no life insurance, it is formally — in the event of death, the heirs will be paid 100% + 1%. 100% — this capital is currently in the policy, 1% is the total payment.

What is then interesting this investment option?

All programs within this method have general features and characteristics. In general, they can be divided into two types:

Accumulative plans with regular contributions

Investment accounts with a one-time contribution.

For cumulative programs

In a one-time fee

All plans allow you to invest in one of the stable global currencies (US dollar, euro, British pound).

What are the advantages of this method of investment?

✅Shirokay diversification — 170 funds for purchase are already available from $ 100

✅ Non-deposit — according to the law, all investments in the shell of the insurance contract are not subject to taxation for the entire period of the action of the policy.

Capital Capital — Your Capital is protected from any judicial acts.

Interesting inheritance — you specify the heirs as you consider it necessary and in the proportions that you want. And that will accurately everything will be performed.

✅Automatization of savings — the amount is removed directly from the card and does not require currency transfers

Who will suit the British investment system?

✔Meod will be useful to those who need to increase capital or accumulate funds to various purposes: buying a car or real estate, creating a personal pension fund, pay for children, etc.

✔ Jangleian investment method is a good accumulation tool for those who wish to receive a decent yield in one of the reliable world currencies.

✔ Jangleian investment method is suitable for those who want to invest funds, but does not have free time to study the market. Insurance companies allow the investor to invest with the help of ready-made investment strategies.

✔Meod will be useful for those who have good and permanent income, but at the same time he spends it on unnecessary things due to the lack of financial discipline.

✔ Insurance account will help those who want to protect their capital from unwanted heirs and states. Accumulated money is not divided when divorced. They cannot recover the state through the court, since legally «insurance» is not the property.

I actively use this method of investment, I have a 20-year-old program for $ 600 per month, as a result, with all bonuses in 20 years I will take $ 385.000 and most importantly it’s all without any effort on my part.

In the photo below, my plan is visible, how much and when I can pick up money. In the first years, as you see, it is impossible to take it at all, then the amount is small, and only by 6 years aligned, and by 15 the amount becomes complete. And then everything grows due to a complex percentage.

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