Top 5 shares that can be bought for 5 years

A good investor portfolio provides for a rare replacement of assets in it and if with ETF funds are more clearly clear, then the question arises, in what stocks we can invest for a longer time than one year! And this is what can be sought for yourself.

Sberbank shares (SBER)

In general, Sberbank shares can be called eternal — they should always be in the portfolio! To date, the «Sber» has the most developed ecosystem, and against the background of economic recovery, the financial sector has the greatest growth potential. Strong quarterly reports only confirm the words of analysts. Also, the company has repeatedly proved in practice that he knows how to set great goals for the future, but more importantly to achieve them. That is why the company can give a good result in the future!

The pandemic showed new business opportunities on the Internet, which had a beneficial effect on telecommunication companies. MTS company demonstrates strong fundamental indicators and is the leader in the Russian mobile market. Shares of the company give a high dividend yield. All this makes them the most attractive in this sector and gives good expectations for the future!

This year, the company opens up new installations for deep oil refining with large facilities. The company also has large plans to develop new gas and oil deposits abroad. Given that all these projects are still just running, the growth of the company’s shares in the foreseeable future is expected.

One of the main problems for the population is the rise in food prices. The company is the largest manufacturer of main consumption products in Russia thanks to which the company wins from this trend. The company demonstrates the rapid growth of business and all indicators say that the company has good growth potential!

The company is the world leader of the gas industry. The European market has developed an extremely favorable situation for the company, with the result that in the near future Gazprom plans to increase the volume of gas supplies. The achievement of all these plans is very highly reviewed, which will allow the company as well as over the next years to maintain its advantage, so the company is attractive to investors with a long-term portfolio.

But remember friends, all this is not a recommendation for the purchase.

Each itself determines which papers to keep in their portfolio, based on its input data: an investment horizon, age, risk tolerance.

Always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

You have no strategy yet?

All profits!