Top -4 steps how to get passive income correctly when you finish your investment? Save yourself!

This question often arises. And here’s the last thing I got.

The algorithm of investment actions does not form in my head. Let’s say: I have been investing for 10 years, it doesn’t really matter how much, of course the more the better. After 10 years, my capital is created, in the form of some amount of savings with capitalization.

The question is: how will passive income arise?

Because in order to receive it, I will withdraw money from the account. This means that I will be selling off my assets. And accordingly, the capital will decrease. And passive income will decrease. And it may end altogether.

Friends, throw the post into your favorites, as it will definitely be useful to everyone and let’s figure it out.

The first thing to do

Second, you need to understand what percentage of income you can count on with a conservative strategy.

I get 6%, 21%, -1% — total average 8.6% — round to whole and get 8%.

Third, we take your capital amount and multiply by 8%


So I wrote all this and directly felt how cool it was that at one time I began to invest, then I don’t even need to do anything special.

The main thing is to start!

Have a nice day, everyone!

And only competent investments!

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