TOP-12 mistakes made by illiterate investors. Keep to yourself and do not allow them!

The path of learning to invest is long and thorny, but even if you don’t make these mistakes anymore, it will immediately save you from big losses.

Therefore, bookmark the post so as not to lose. These are the mistakes that illiterate investors make.

1) Buy only HYIP stocks. When the asset became popular, it was too late for beginners to buy it. In such cases, you need to proceed very carefully.

2) Sell at the first fall. In 90% of cases, this is just a correction and you need to correctly analyze and buy.

3) They confuse trading with investing. This is the most common mistake. As soon as they see the profit, they immediately fix it and wait for the entry point. 100% way to drain money.

4) Constantly spend time in the market. 24/5 in the terminal. Read news, analytics. They believe that if they do not miss anything, they will be more successful.

5) Overly complicate the investment. They try to complicate things where they don’t need to. They are hedged with options, trying to pick up a lot of assets in the portfolio. Consider various mathematical expectations taken from the Internet.

6) Do not diversify investments. Invest in 1-2 shares.

7) Copy bloggers’ purchases. This cannot be done. Remember strategies and a portfolio may not be universal for everyone.

8) Buy based on dividends

9) Buy only on a low P / E ratio

10) Pay high transaction fees

11) Invest on shoulders or borrowed money

12) Buy on emotion

I think this would be a great checklist to check yourself for these mistakes.

Have a great weekend everyone and just arrived!

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