The first steps of the investor: Keep and apply

Today, once again I want to give several advice to those readers who are just thinking to start making money on investment. After all, the success of the continued path depends on the first steps.

Investments are a way to obtain stable passive income. It is possible to start investing money even with a small capital. The main thing is to understand how to competently dispose of your money.

First you need to learn to accumulate funds for attachments, that is, accumulate.

The first small amount can be investigated into a bank product so that in principle acquire investment experience. Deposits are not a profitable tool, but as the first step will fit.

Next, you need to make an investment strategy and to follow it.

Summary passive income for the period from 3 to 5 years will allow to invest small amounts into more risky projects with increased yield.

In general, newcomers are better to adhere to the following relationship:

· 50% — reliable low-risk assets;

· 35% — medium risks and income;

· 15% — high level of risk and tangible profits.

In the last category, the probability of loss is significant, so more than 15% cannot be allocated for such assets. Even if the project looks very promising.

I personally sell on the stock exchanges, I also do not advise. It is better to transmit funds to professionals with good trading statistics in the last few years.

Also in each category of attachments you need to diversify risks. That is, invest in different projects and assets. Will bring one tool, the other will continue to generate income.

Whatever investment areas have been used, you should always follow the principle: the preservation of capital is primary, the consequence is secondary.

In our consultations, we explain on your fingers, where to start and where to invest savings.

We will help to figure out how to trade in the stock market with a yield from 8% per annum in dollars. And yet — how to do it as safe as possible for savings.

Any tool that looks attractive must be learned thoroughly. It is impossible to invest in what remains incomprehensible.

Well, any loss is important to perceive calmly, using the fact of damages to obtain experience. That is, draw conclusions after the error assumptions not to repeat them in the future.

Combining more and more experience in investments, you can adjust your strategy to increase profits and reduce losses.