The deduction of IIS has become even more affordable, read the details

More and more citizens of our country become owners of IIS. Open on all relatives to get from the state an investment deduction of type A in the amount of 13% of the funds made for the year on the IIS of cash (but not more than 52 thousand rubles, provided that the NDFL paid on this amount).

I believe that this initiative is useful, and, in the presence of free funds, it is necessary to take advantage of it. Moreover, since May of this year, simplified procedure for obtaining an investment deduction is already available. True, while only VTB in full and in a timely manner can fulfill their duties in accordance with the new order.

Now you can not fill out the tax return and not collect documents.

The beauty of Jes is still that it can be useful, including not even qualified investors. For example, in the last 4 years, if the investor entered 400 thousand rubles annually., During the entire amount, one of the reliable tools of the Fund Market of the Russian Federation — the OFZ bonds and received investment deductions, the result would show the average annual yield of 12%, which is much Better profitability from the bank deposit.

For comparison, for the same period, when using a more risky instrument, for example, the Mosbier index, which has grown 2 times, one could receive an average annual yield of 19.1% (excluding deductions).

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