Speculative idea in Gazprom

We will leave today from Buffett’s covenants and talk about a potentially good short-term transaction. As you know, in this case, the emphasis is not on the fundamental analysis, but on technical factors. At the same time, I want to warn — speculation with more probability will bring a loss, so before entering the position, you must define two scenarios in advance at which you will fix profits and how you will close the losses.

Gazprom — the beneficiary of gas prices in Europe.

Now the price of shares is at a psychological level of 300 rubles per share. Recently saw false breakdown, but the price went to this mark again. It is felt that the bulls are pressed by bears to the level, they in turn cannot develop the attack down, and on such a fundamental to make it practically not real. This is confirmed by the fact that every new local minimum is all higher than the previous one.

Remember, this is important: always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

You have no strategy yet?

Now at the mark of 300, a huge number of stops of players decreased, the operation of which will cause a shopping wave. Moreover, after the breakdown of the level, the bears will not be landmarks for entering a new position — where to put the stop.

The players for an increase, on the contrary, there is a great situation for attack. They have a benchmark of 300 rubles, from which you can buy and for which you can put a stop. Moreover, the fundamental on the side of buyers.

Actually, the idea is to buy stocks of Gazprom or futures on it, with a breakdown of 300 with a stop under the level.

And you are more speculator or investor