Russian aquaculture — report and thoughts

One of the most interesting companies from the Moscow Exchange reported on the first half of the year.

Interesting Russian aquaculture in that despite the fact that it sells products in Russia, it has a quasi-currency hedge.

According to the reporting for the first half of the year we see the growth of revenue by 28% y / y to 6.7 billion rubles, and net profit was 2 billion, against a loss of 0.4 billion, a year earlier. It should be noted that the indicator of net profit from Russian aquaculture is sufficiently specific. It strongly influences the revaluation. For example, according to calculations, the fish should have grown into a new price category, but in fact it turned out that because of the cold weather in weight, she had not yet reached — then the company draws a strong negative revaluation. When the fish grows up to the desired sizes, there is a strong positive revaluation.

Always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

You have no strategy yet?

From the positive we see that, according to the sale of finished products, the Russian aquaculture has grown by 35% y / y to 3 thousand tons.

Recently, Rusakva shares rose 450 rubles to the area. The fact that we have not seen while changing the trend hints that growth may continue.