Rusagro Storm Maxima

The Rusagro group reported on financial results under IFRS for the first half of the year, which were pleased with investors despite the fact that many of them have already expected high indicators.


▪️ revenue — 104.3 billion (+ 44.5% g / g)

▪️ EBITDA — 22.1 billion (+ 85% y / y)

▪ Net profit — 17.6 billion (+ 80.9% y / y)

There was also information that dividends in the first half of the year will be 65.28 rubles per ordinary share.

Rusagro is a beneficiary of rising prices for groceries, which are one of the drivers of current inflation. So oil prices, sugar, meat, dairy products, increased according to Rosstat data by 20-50% y / y. The selling prices for shipment of oil and fat products increased by 131%, and sugar by 57%. However, if the oil sales remained at the level of last year, then in the sugar, due to the disadvantage, fell by 46% y / y.

There are two medium-term reasons for rising prices for products — crop crops in Russia and the rise in futures prices abroad. So, for example, sugar rose along the first reason, the oil is second.

In the long run, the prices of products will still increase due to the constant growth of the money supply and the depreciation of fiatny currencies. Therefore, the indicators of Rusagro are unlikely to fall in a long-term, and the current dividend yield, makes the shares very attractive to the purchase.

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