Markets are sent in the peak? Dollar for 80 rubles?

The US stock market falls by 3%, this is of course the little things, but in the framework of the correction the market can easily go by 10-15% down, and to reset «hamsters» easily and by 30%. So that everyone trembled, the ship is sinking, sell until it became 0.

The dollar can go to the 80 mark due to the decline in oil and fall of markets.

That’s what you need to check now:

1) A dollar is already late, on the contrary now you should not twitch. Well, they managed, they managed. It was necessary to buy below 73.

2) If your portfolios are passive, should be outlined the levels of unscheduled supers. If there is no opportunity for a purchase, then at least at levels to make a rebalancing.

3) If your strategies are actively managed, then you should make overbalance by the type of risk-off and make allocations towards protective assets.

4) Check margin positions and cut them. Do not confuse with marginal positions that excess excess volatility. Everything is ok. Keep.

5) For those who are waiting for the fall to start investing, soon your starry hour. But do not hurry, enter the market for 1/4 parts of the assets at every 5% drop in the index.

Well, for those who need help, all this we did for you, I invite