LSR — pitfalls: what to pay attention to investors

On Thursday

In the first half of the year, LSR revenue increased by 14% y / y to 54.8 billion, net profit increased 2.2 times, compared with the first half of 2020. However, such a multiple growth can be observed due to the low base last year, The pre-crisis levels are not the most outstanding results.

However, most importantly, what investors should pay attention to

After the conference at the end of 2020, the management announced that the first payment would be 39 rubles per share, and so that investors did not count on the growth of dividends. The question arises — on growth from 39 rubles per year or from 78 rubles? The market perceived this information as a signal to the fact that the company will now pay 39 rubles 2 times a year = the same 78 rubles per year.

The situation is aggravated only by the fact that recently LSR declared the reverse ransom of shares, while nothing heard about the second dividend payment for a year. It is very alarming, because the company’s shares are sitting a large number of dividend investors who can arrange the sale of shares, if they are «throwing».

Regardless of whether there are separate promotions in your portfolio or you invest in ETF- Always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

If you have no strategy yet?