Keep the instructions for beginners: how to trade on the Moscow stock exchange.

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Today, more and more people want to start investing and are ready for it, but they do not know what they should do.

As a person who is ready for decisive actions, start investing

First of all you need:

Determine the amount you are ready to invest.

Determine the period for which you are ready to invest money.

Determine what risks are you willing.

But, let’s say, you have already passed all these stages, compiled our personal financial plan or just ready to risk.

How to start trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange

To start investing, you must open a brokerage account. Broker is an intermediary through all transactions in the stock market. Today, almost with each major financial organization there is a broker, for example, such as: Tinkoff, Sber, VTB, discovery, etc.

After opening an account, it must be replenished and you can start investing!

To achieve its financial goal, it is necessary to correctly choose assets to your investment portfolio: stocks, bonds, ETF funds, etc. Newbies are extremely recommended to buy individual shares. If you still make the first steps best start with bonds or ETF funds.

You must have a clear strategy from which you will not retreat. Ideally, it should be completely spelled out on paper. By what criteria you select securities into your portfolio, how much you will keep them in your portfolio, under what conditions will be selling them, etc.

How much can you make money on the stock exchange

It completely depends on the strategy and selected tools. If you are a conservative investor and are not ready for high risks, then you can count on 5-7% per annum.

With a moderate risk level, having more stocks and ETF funds in their portfolio, you can reach 10-15% per annum.

Tips beginner investor

🔸 Do not expect a quick profit from the stock market, it does not appear immediately.

🔸 Start investing with a small amount that you do not mind losing. Make several deals and see how it all works.

🔸 Do not confuse investments and speculation. Investor can be each, but speculation requires certain skills, knowledge and warehouse of character. They are not suitable for everyone.

🔸 Diversify your attachments, invest in different assets to reduce risks.

🔸 Do not be discouraged due to errors. All novice investors commit them. The path to success is paired through errors.

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All only profitable investments!