Investor and financial advisor

Financial literacy becomes an integral part of everyone’s life. The whole Internet is a shot of tons of information, but still remain those who do not have ideas, as competently multiply their capital.

I am sure that the majority of readers of the NEP channel successfully advise their friends and the closest people, and their own finances are kept under control.

But this excellent quality can be monetized and incur good in the mass, together with the main work!

Finance planning experts — my company’s financial advisers monthly advise more than 400 investors, and now we need assistants!

My 3-month-old author’s course «Investor and Financial Counselor» starts on September 6.

If you want to have an additional demanded profession?
If you dream to work with customers who are always ready to pay for your knowledge and skills?

Register on my webinar, where I will tell about 2 hours about the course and how to start earning from 100 000₽ without leaving the house on financial consulting!