Investing in the Cybersecurity Sector

In connection with the active development of cloud computing, the cybersecurity industry faces new challenges.

We all remember how the operator of the largest US pipeline paid the hackers who attacked it a ransom in the amount of almost $ 5 million. The cyber attack interrupted the supply of fuel through the pipe for almost a week, provoking a shortage of gasoline at gas stations.

Credit Suisse estimates the SASE market is worth 3 billion and will grow at an average rate of 38% until 2024.

First Trust Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETF (CIBR US)

Diversified ETF for the digital security sector.

The fund’s portfolio is optimally balanced between fast growing companies with high multiples and stable profitable companies with more moderate growth rates.

TOP 10 positions in this fund:

Crowdstrike 7.0%

Zscaler 6.4%

Cisco 6.3%

Accenture 5.8%

Fortinet 4.2%

Splunk 3.7%

FireEye 3.7%

Proofpoint 3.5%

F5 Networks 3.4%

Juniper 3.4%

Networks 3.2%

As you can see in the chart below, this fund even slightly outperforms the S & P500 index, which means it can harmoniously fit into your portfolio with an allocation of no more than 20%.

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