Ideas in the market

I propose to actualize the current ideas that we wrote earlier. In this post, we run through everything briefly, and more detailed thoughts on individual companies will be released in the next few days.

🟢 Akron.

Even considering the fact that the shares jumped from 6,000 to 6800,


A similar situation is as long as Gas rods up on world hubs, Gazprom will be in chocolate. Even if not to take into account that gas prices will continue growth, dividend

🟢 Bank of St. Petersburg

Excellent results

🟢 Rusagro

Together with fertilizer prices, the rise in food prices will continue. In October, price constraints are completed from the government. And in general


The company stores

🟠 Русская Aquaculture

Votes stocks


Always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

You have no strategy yet?