How to invest right: Everyone should know

The competent handling of money is a guarantee of prosperous life.

Правило № 1

Прежде чем принимать решение о приобретении ETF, акций компании или облигаций, следует постараться понять, что они из себя представляют.

Before making a decision on the acquisition of ETF, company shares or bonds, one should try to understand what they represent.

If we are talking about shares, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with its financial indicators, which and how allows you to earn, are loans and debts. And for this not enough information about the company received only from the news. It is necessary to study analytical material in the market where its activities are carried out.

Rule number 2.

Invest does not mean buying and storing. You must continuously control the situation in order to be able to sell an asset on time in order to reorient your investment in another area.

So you can get out of the falling asset in time, and invest money in a more promising direction.

You must have an investment strategy and a trading plan, based on them you will understand what to do at any time, and when the markets grow and when falling.

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At the same time, I do not recommend keeping money «under the mattress». Just most of the portfolio should be stored in very stable assets.

Rule number 4.

It is almost impossible to predict the crisis. Therefore, the investment portfolio must contain funds, bonds, shares, as well as free cache.

Simply put, you do not need to fold all the eggs into one basket, even if it seems as reliable as possible.

Rule number 5.

Investments and sprint are incompatible concepts. Investing money with the calculation will be enriched in the very first year — a glible business. Investing rather can be attributed to the marathon, in the process of overcoming which to achieve a positive result, specific rules should be followed. Therefore, you immediately need to aim for a long-term result.

Investment activity should be built in such a way that in the process it brings joy, and on the finish — income. And the above five rules will help you get exactly the results.