How do experienced investors invest? Their tactics and strategy

Modern society has accustomed to assume that the choice of moment for the purchase or sale of shares is the key to success in the stock market. Beginning investors begin to look for the most promising promotions to get the most out of the benefit and swam in one moment.

This is distinguished by an experienced investor, for which the main priority is to maintain capital. The profitability of investments should be acceptable, not maximum.

How do experienced investors invest?

The most popular investment strategy — to

This strategy adhere to 87% of investors, including such as Warren Buffett, George Soros and many others. Long-term investment, key concept in the investment philosophy of any experienced investor. Legendary Investor Warren Buffett says his favorite investment period — «Forever»

There are 3 options for the implementation of this strategy,

1) Beginner

This type is suitable for those who are just starting to make the first steps in the stock market and has a small amount of time to study it. Its implementation is to buy ETF funds on the indices of the wide market. Such a portfolio does not require much care, it is enough to look at it 1-2 times a year to make a rebalancing.

2) Amateur

This type of strategy is suitable for people who already have experience in the stock market and can determine the economic development trend of one or another sector. After conducting a thorough analysis, investors of this type are used in their portfolio ETF funds of various industries: finance, telecommunications, oil and gas sector, biotechnology, etc.

3) Professional

This type of strategy is suitable for experienced investors who own the skills of fundamental and technical analysis, can determine the trend of economic development, and also possess a large amount of free time. Investors of this type are investing in separate shares, a company for a long time, five, ten or more years.

The main nuance of this strategy is that it is as well as the market falls during the crisis and to this you need to be prepared. An experienced investor can adhere to any strategy, it all depends on how much it is interesting for him to do this and how much time it has.

Remember how good tactics you did not choose, it will not allow you to achieve the result if you do not have discipline exactly and experienced experienced investors from beginners.

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