How and where is it profitable to buy a currency?

So the holiday season comes, and despite the care restrictions, most Russians prefer to be sought on the beach abroad, even with some bureaucratic difficulties.



For example, now, upon the course of the dollar in the foreign exchange market in 72.23 rubles, Sberbank will buy from you $ 70.31, and sell for 74.04, VTB buys 70.3, and sells 73.95. In both cases, the spread in more than 3.5 rubles is a lot, in relative terms to the market price is ~ 5%!

Therefore, it’s time to forget about currency exchanges in banks and buy currency on the stock exchange. Most brokers, it is sold by 1000 $ lots, but

VTB broker can buy dollars with delivery to your account tomorrow at 73,1850, and sell 73,1800. The spread is only 0.005 rubles or 0.0068%. Of course, you need to bring the broker’s commission, VTB is 0.05%, the exchange commission is 0.0015% and a few more rubles, if you buy not a complete lot.

Next, you just need to transfer money from the brokerage account to currency and either to remove the cash or pay the currency card. As a rule, if one organization is both a bank, and a broker, there are no commissions for the translation from the brokerage account. However, the current commissions are best to specify in each case from their broker separately

It’s all Z.