Green Foundation from Tinkoff — Is there a prospect?

TGRN — Fund, which invests in foreign stocks of leading companies to develop environmentally friendly technologies worldwide through the tracking of a special index —Tinkoff Green Economy Total Return Index USD — TGRNUS

The Foundation has a company from around the world. More than half falls on the US, another 10-12% per France and China. The rest are scattered around the world. ETF follows Tinkoff Green Economy Index, has no brokerage commissions, but it is necessary to take into account 0.99% of the Commission of the Fund itself. All income in the form of dividends is reinvisory. By industry includes:

Green energy — 36.6%

Electric transport and components — 22.34%

Energy efficient building — 22.11%

Eco-technology — 18.65%

The Commission of the Foundation is 0.99%

The average annual yield of the index, which tracks this fund — 22.9%

The index includes companies such as:

Albemarle, ALB

Linter corporation, lthm

Chart Industries Inc, GTLS

Vestas Wind Systems A/S, VWS

First Solar, FSLR

And of course Tesla Motors, TSLA — 2.82%

The Foundation is interesting to investors who do not want to understand and select shares in the portfolio, and then also constantly follow him. And these investors are not against the world trend of «green» technologies.

In my opinion, the proportion of this fund in the amount of 10% will look harmoniously, given the strategic risks.

I myself did not go to this fund, since I have separate shares of this industry in my portfolio.

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