FIX Price Shows Growth: Is the company for investment interesting?

Store with fixed prices, which trads Chinese junk at random prices. Can he be generally profitable and have marzhnost comparable to another retail? Judging by the report for the first half of the FIX Price as it can, only a question of equity valuation of the current share price remains

📃 Report for 1PG2021:

▫️ Revenue — 106 billion (+ 28.1% g / g)

▫️ LFL sales — (+ 11.9% g / g)

▫️ Number of stores — 4585 (+418 pcs)

▫️ EBITDA — 19.8 billion (+ 24.1% g / g)

▫️ Net profit — 9.8 billion (+ 8.6% y / y)

▫️ Net debt / EBITDA = 0.4X


The dividend history of the FIX price is not yet, so it’s hard to say something about it.

A spoon of tar is the current business assessment. FIX Price now costs 560 billion, with net profit of 17 billion (TTM) and free cash flow 24.1 billion (TTM). In order to meet its assessment at the current growth rates, the network for the year needs to earn 45-50 billion, which will probably be, not even in 2023, but the capitalization is already.

Always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

You have no strategy yet?