Euro or dollar? What currency to store savings?

Quite often I get a similar question. Most often, people consider two alternatives — the dollar and the euro, doubting which one to give preference.

It is worth saying that it all depends on the situation

The minus francs is that almost all of Europe use them as a protective currency. People change the euro on the seam. Franc, which leads to its excessive strengthening, so the Central Bank of Switzerland has to be issued additional money to stop the currency strengthening, which causes damage to exports from the country. In the event that idyll begin in the economy, all risks will go away, then Europeans will change francs back to euro, which will lead to its local weakening.

If we talk about the euro,

The dollar has inflation higher than that of the euro or franc, but is used as a means of means of a means of means of means of means of means of means of means of means of means of payment.

If still not clear what cur’s currency to store cache, then a good strategy will break savings on 2-3 parts and divide into an equal proportion to francs, euros or dollars. Especially considering that some brokers allow you to buy a currency on one unit and do not take a commission for storing francs, unlike Swiss banks, where the negative bet on deposits.

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