Current ideas on the Russian market

Often you can hear the situation that a person just came to the market, and the prices are already «on the hey.» However, in the market thousands of stocks and there are always current ideas for which the green light is conditionally.

Even in the 2008 crisis, the shares of the same McDonalds were a good idea, since thanks to the dismissal of thousands of bank clerks, the catering network gained access to cheap labor, and also became popular with many former regular luxury restaurants. As they say — in every joke, the share of truth. And now about the market of the Russian Federation:

Gazprom (#GAZP)

Prices on European hubs are again pressed at $ 600 for thousand cubic meters. At the same time, the ruble remains at the level of 73 rubles, which for gas exporters is a favorable conjuncture. Strong financial results hint that dividends from Gazprom will have more than 35 rubles at the end of 2021. All this creates a strong fundamental for the current ascending trend, which is more likely to continue if the macroeconomic situation does not change.

Acron (#Akrn)

A company that would be in good way would have to have a reverse correlation with Gazprom, since in the production of 25% of the cost of gas. However, Akron has long-term contracts for the supply of blue fuel at one of the lowest prices among competitors — $ 2.2 per MMBTU, while the average price is ~ $ 6. It turns out that fertilizer manufacturers are forced to raise products for products due to the increase in gas prices, while acaron costs practically does not increase, which leads to an increase in his margin.

Bank St. Petersburg (#BSPB)

The bank reports on record profits, the indicators grow not the first year. Conducts a reverse ransom of shares, thereby increasing the cost of one paper and reducing the potential of the fall. Forward dividend yield from current prices ~ 8%, and multiplers P / E = 2.7 p / B = 0.3

⚠️ Remember that these ideas are not investment recommendations, but only draw your attention to the situation in these papers.

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