Case How to form capital for passive income: Real story

Good morning everybody!

I want to share one interesting case. It is interesting in the fact that you can clearly see how from almost nothing, you can make your own capital for passive income.

This is a real case, without names and surnames of course.

Case number 4.

Woman, 37 years old. Works bank clerk. 2nd children, no husband. Children 5 and 6 years old. Capital 700 thousand rubles. Delta 15 thousand rubles. Purpose: Passive income of 100 thousand rubles. a month after 10 years.

First let’s see what errors here.

First error —

Second error

Well, moving on

1) 250.000 rubles we translate into dollars. It is $ 3,400 and get into a moderately aggressive strategy that gives up to 14% per annum in the dollar for 10 years.

2) Delta 15000 rubles to translate into dollars each time and replenish the strategy. It’s about $ 200

👉 I will not complicate the task with recalculation to the inflation rate. We consider without it.

3) What did we get? We see that the amount at the end of 10 years is 65.490 $ it will give passive income 24.000 rubles. per month. This is very small. The goal is not performed.

What are the options? The easiest option, taking into account age, increase the investment horizon to 20 years.

3) For 20 years we can increase the yield to 16% per annum. And we get the amount — $ 426.000 — and this amount gives us a passive income of 157.620 rubles.

As you can see, we fulfilled the goal to increase the investment horizon.

What else is needed / can be done?

1) Of course you need to recalculate on inflation, and it is better to do it through the dollar. Inflation 3%.

2) POLIS OF NIC for 20 years also gives income. This also needs to be taken into account in the calculations.

Important!!! The strategy that I took for 14 and 16% they are 100% liquid. Those. At any time you can stop the investment process and use money. For example, child learning.

How do you? Only $ 200 per month made capital

almost 1/2 🍋 million $

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