Bank St. Petersburg — one of the best ideas on the market

One of the most undervalued banks — Bank St. Petersburg, reported on the results for the first half of IFRS.

📃 In the first half of the year, net interest income after the creation of reserves reached almost 9 billion, an increase of the year by 24.5%, and net commission income increased by 24.7% y / y to 4.2 billion. Profit only in half , 2 billion rubles! With the general capitalization of the Bank at 34 billion. At the same time, the Bank has a pronounced cyclical interest in interest income — in 3 and 4th quarter it is higher than in the first second second. This is explained by the fact that at the beginning of the year there are many non-working days and low economic activity, and in the second half, especially under the New Year, everyone is in a hurry to carry out operations until the tax period ended.

Always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

You have no strategy yet?

Thus, we wait for the second strong half a year and the profit is no worse than in the first. According to the results of 2021, BSP can receive 15 billion net profit, 20% pay for dividends.

In addition to dividends, the Bank holds a reverse ransom of shares at a price of 75 rubles per piece, until October.

❗️ Current fair price for Bank St. Petersburg ~ 120 rubles