One of the most undervalued banks — Bank St. Petersburg, reported on the results for the first half of IFRS. 📃 In the first half of the year, net interest income after the creation of reserves reached almost 9 billion, an increase of the year by 24.5%, and net commission income increased by 24.7% y […]

I decided to share several cases of this year, where you will see how investment strategies work. The names of the heroes, of course, changed. 👩 Irina, 38 years old, accountant. When writing to the meeting wrote that he wants to figure out how to use a small asset at 70,000 rubles 👦 Igor, 35 […]

A unique opportunity appeared in unqualified investors! Now you can take part in the PRE-IPO «SPB Exchange». What is usually available only to qualified investors has now become possible for nekvalov, thanks to the participation of the «Primary Placement Fund» in the PRE-IPO «SPB Exchange». SPB Exchange has high potential, the platform shows the supertems […]

Very important post for those who hold passive portfolios Recently received such a letter. Literally quoting I hold a passive portfolio for about 8 months. At the moment I purchased funds, replenishing monthly. Not all green, some funds (Eurobonds) have long been red. I would like to know further your actions in such a situation. […]

Perhaps over the past eight years, you have noticed how from time to time information pops up that financial institutions of the Russian Federation can be disconnected from the SWIFT system of payments. It is this topic that I want to discuss in this article. It should be understood that such a decision may entail […]

As you understand the universal portfolios, but for myself I would have done so. XLK — 20% Xly — 35% XLV — 35% Xlu — 10% XLK — Technology Select Sector SPDR XLY — Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR — XLV — Health Care Select Sector SPDR XLU — Utilities Select Sector SPDR Why exactly […]

On Monday, Nizhnekamskneftekhim issued reporting on the RAS in the first half of the year with a record profit. In the evening of the same day, the Board of Directors gathered to discuss dividends, which, by the way, can become the first intermediate dividends in the company’s history. The chain of these events and gave […]