And why are we still where we would like to be? Why many know how to do and do not do

Very often attending me. And why many know how to do and do not do.

Here for example business.

Like you for example sit on the Internet, all sorts of windows and numbers there. Buy cheap courses on Tavarna business on Amazon.

And you can still land all your customers to your funnel. And have a ready-made customer base that other goods can be sold.

It goes by the nuances. As an everywhere. But the topic works. And such that can be thought out with heels now.

Tell me where everything knows? Yes, because I constantly communicate with different people. I am interested in everything new. Great environment, a lot of information and ideas. Partially share them in Kubashka.

Why don’t anyone do this if everything is so simple?

But you think. What is terrible if you try? Well? That’s concretely.

Yes, and there are topics where money is not needed. Need energy and desire to get up from the sofa. Everything.

OK. Now many will say that business is not for everyone. OK. Agree. Although I do not understand. You can buy clothes for CUNC and on Julia for 700 rubles to sell. OK.

But investment? Is this why not for everyone? It is 100% for everyone.

But no. We are afraid again.

Friends, believe me, if you do not decide for yourself right clearly — everything is ready to embody my dreams and I am ready to move.

Do you know why? Because in half a year I will write another case, as my student has achieved success in investments and in business. And you will scold yourself. And … I knew everything and fouled. And you will correctly be angry. Time will be lost.

Start include your awareness, friends, no uncle Sam for you will not make your well-being.

All huge profits in new business and large investment profitability.

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