Acron — strong business at an attractive price

Acron on Monday informed investors with strong reporting. Against the background of weakening the ruble in 2020 and the increase in prices for products of the company in 2021,

📃 Report for 1PG2021

🔹 Revenue — 85.9 billion (+ 52% y / y)

🔹 Operating profit — 33.4 billion (+ 221% y / y)

🔹 Net profit — 29 billion against a loss of 1 billion a year earlier

Strong profits allows investors to count on luxury dividends in the year

From the positive, it is possible to note the end of the redemption by 10% of the authorized capital. With a huge share of probability, the treasury package of shares will be repaid, but even now dividends are no longer distributed on these shares, which means that the value of one share is higher than before.

The management competently enjoys a wave of money, which poured into the company and increases the capital costs of Talitsky GOK, which will increase the rate of input, as well as the production capacity of the enterprise.

With the current growing grocery prices, Akron will swim in the money as cheese in oil

Moreover, world gas prices have strongly hit at the cost of production of foreign companies, acroe in Russia has access, to almost the cheapest gas in the world for its production, which gives it a competitive advantage.

The company is very attractive for medium-term and long-term investments. Even if the share price will stand for some time in the sidewall, then the investor will still receive good dividends.

Always analyze the paper and buy and sell only in accordance with your strategy.

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