Store with fixed prices, which trads Chinese junk at random prices. Can he be generally profitable and have marzhnost comparable to another retail? Judging by the report for the first half of the FIX Price as it can, only a question of equity valuation of the current share price remains 📃 Report for 1PG2021: ▫️ […]

Rosneft daughter reported on IFRS for the first half of the year. The quotation report was plugged by 6%, let’s see what the Bashneft attracted investors. Report for 1PG2021: ▪️ revenue — 357 billion (+ 23% y / y) ▪ Operating profit — 42.9 billion (loss of 12.4 billion a year earlier) ▪ ▪ Net […]

Salute, friends again. Today I will close all questions related to the replenishments of passive strategies. Since you ask a lot of questions just on this account. Regular replenishment Let me remind you that passive investment strategies work only when you make regular replenishment. And the schedule of these replenishments should be strict. Once a […]

The pharmaceutical sector includes shares of medical companies that are focused on the development, production and distribution of pharmaceutical products, such as medicines, medicines and vaccines. Investing in pharmaceutical shares is a popular trend in the times of political or economic instability. Advantages ✅ Low Estimated Multipliers The predicted P / E of these shares […]

Evgeny, please tell me how to live on passive income from investment without dividends? After all, the market happens and falls. What is passive income The right question. When we invest in order to accumulate assets that we will give a passive income here everything is simple to understand. We have an investment horizon. We […]

Enel is one of the few private electric generating companies in Russia, which strives to develop renewable energy sources. At the moment there are a construction of several wind farms, one of which is already running. It is believed that projects in the green energy are unprofitable, electricity from them is expensive and earn it […]

History Intel and AMD Most often Intel is customary to compare with AMD, as with the second largest player in the market. So, for example, Intel has developed the first chip on the architecture of the X86 in 1978, but not able to satisfy market demand and in the protection of antitrust measures, the Intel […]